24 September 2015

Marco Etcheverry

Pundits, eh? Reprobates and ne'er-do-wells to a man, a charging phalanx with Robbie "Sav" Savage at its horned head, pillaging the sport while the rest of us impotently lambast our own goggleboxes. Except that's not quite true, so this week's Football Fives covers the subject of punditry and television coverage.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee get proceedings underway by naming their dream line-ups for BBC football flagship Match Of The Day, before moving on to discuss what makes a good commentator, what makes a good pundit and where we think so many go wrong. Thanks to Alex Sheedy for the question, which we saw, stole, forgot and then credited at the end of the show.

We assess BT Sport's new Champions League output, Five's Football League Tonight and the future of football coverage on television. And, this being Football Fives, we couldn't resist rattling off our favourite all-time commentary moments. Amateur dramatics ahoy!

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