1 October 2015

Steffen Hofmann

Football Fives has no specific theme this week so in taking on our five topics we're mopping up some of the big talking points we might otherwise have swerved, beginning with the Premier League and a debate about whether this season's top flight is very good or very poor based on quality and the level of competition.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee also discuss the most recent goings-on at FIFA, except not. Instead of pretending we've read every detail we look to a future beyond the current scandal, asking what might come afterwards in terms of governance of the global game. There's a chat about our favourite football books and video games (thanks to Euan Dewar for the latter), and then, as always, we end with the big one.

Ronaldo has a special place in all four of our hearts and he celebrated a birthday last week, so we've taken advantage of that to talk about our favourite ever Ronaldo goals. Warning: may contain traces of exaggeration.

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