19 November 2015

Ivan Zamorano

Goals. The (other) currency of football, the ultimate high for a player and the zenith of vicarious celebration for supporters. And, for one glorious week only, the vaguest of themes for the Football Fives podcast. Yes, we challenged ourselves to come up with a full episode on the visceral thrrrrp of a net and we'll be damned if we didn't achieve it.

We're back up to four-hander status this week with the return of Ryan "The Talent" Keaney, who joins Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Chris Nee to gas about goals. We talk about the most favourite goals ever scored and our all-time favourites, but in between there are more substantial matters at hand.

Should goals be made bigger? Where in the world of football would we most like to score a goal? And, thanks to Terry Duffelen of a superior football podcast, should the away goals rule be abandoned forever, flytipped on the verge of the never-ending dual carriageway of football?

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