26 November 2015

Toto Schillaci

This week's Football Fives podcast is another themed episode, this time encompassing five questions about football's venerable old men, the veterans who test their lower limbs to their limits into their mid-30s and beyond. Firstly, of course, we decided where the 'veteran' line is drawn, a topic bound to make all of us feel a little over the hill ourselves.

It's a three-man crew this week. Chris Nee's work-related absence left Ryan Keaney, Daniel Storey and David Hartrick at the tiller to discuss their favourite footballing old-timers, legendary age-defying performances and the value or otherwise of experience at the highest level of the sport.

The entire subject this week was inspired by our listener question, which was submitted by Nayson: who was your favourite veteran signing? We're all a tad young to remember Ferenc Puskas but the names come thick and fast regardless.

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