10 December 2015

Henning Berg

This week's Football Fives podcast is our second sensitively titled 'blind episode', whereby one of our number pitches up with a topic smouldering a hole in his trousers pocket and five related questions to bring it to life. The rest of us? None the wiser until we hit record.

Ryan Keaney's in charge this week and selected the topic of "money" for Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Chris Nee to discuss. We talk about the serious stuff, like just how far football's obsession with the filthy lucre has to go before people walk away, and a few questions that require some quick thinking.

What were our clubs' biggest wastes of money? Which game would we go to if money were no object? What's our bet for the weekend? And, with four entirely straight faces, what's our dream shirt sponsor in terms of aesthetics alone?

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