7 January 2016

Bobby Zamora

With apologies for some of the sound quality but no apologies whatsoever for our incessant disregard for our own format, here's the first Football Fives of 2016. To mark the occasion we're doing things a little differently again.

Having made the mistake of handing control to David Hartrick this week, the rest of the panel have been thrown into a tradition they didn't know existed: the annual Football Fives Pub Quiz. Yes, it's a quiz episode. Will Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney or Chris Nee triumph at the end of five gruelling quizzy rounds, or will Dave be laughing all the way to the bar?

Dave throws career paths, player clues, higher or lower and a few other bits 'n' bobs besides at the rest of the team and only those who listen will find out who wins. And regret listening. We'll be back to abnormal next week.

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