14 January 2016

Nicklas Bendtner

In a repeat of our very own version of Not Without My Anus, the Football Fives Podcast this week is still not our #IBWM100 special. No, we got distracted by a shiny thing this week, namely the jug-eared marvel that is the Football Association Challenge Cup.

That being the case, the FA Cup is this week's subject as Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee take on five questions over far too long a period of time. The panel discusses its most memorable FA Cup goals and finals as well as the greatest Cup stories ever/never told and the small matter of whether the Cup needs fixing. (Spoiler: it's brilliant.)

The listener question this week comes from Charles Davis, who tweaks our noses and runs away whilst shouting a question about whether the FA Cup winners should be given a UEFA Champions League place. Enjoy.

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