4 February 2016

Richard Wright

We're nothing if not willing to play fast and loose with our own format. One of the things we love to do on the Football Fives Podcast is watch a load of old football, bash together five questions about it and relive it into the earholes of you wonderful people.

We've already talked about a World Cup, so this week it's the UEFA European Championships - Euro 2000, to be precise. England's group stage exit is dealt with as quickly and as painlessly as possible by Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee, but what were the true highlights of the competition in Belgium and the Netherlands?

We talk about our favourite games, our favourite goals and the outstanding memories from that glittering summer 16 years ago, and we also discuss whether the right team won the tournament. France pinched it to follow up their World Cup win, but they were pushed all the way.

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