11 March 2016

Ricardo Rodriguez

Due to unfortunate circumstances away from the beautiful game we're dipping into our bank of pre-recorded episodes for this week's Football Fives Podcast. We're sorry about this, but, before you complain, please know that the alternative was a show featuring only Daniel Storey and David Hartrick.

And who wants that? Exactly. So, with Ryan Keaney completing the contestants, this week we bring you our second pub quiz episode. Join us as host Chris Nee guides our intrepid trio of bickerers through five testing rounds of football trivia.

You know how we love a theme? Well, we've got one here too. Each round is inspired by a famous television quiz show. Can Dan avoid the gunge? Will Ryan be The Weakest Link? Is Dave going to be shot down by over-confidence in the chair? Find out within.

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