17 March 2016

Stevan Jovetić

We're back at full strength this week, all present and correct, but our institutional laziness remains. That being the case we've opted for our 35th episode to be a special one-off, and, trust us, it's going to be a one-off. Yes, this week you've been in control. All five questions were submitted by our listeners around the world*.

Our journey around five pillars of football discourse take us from our most recent football tears, why England's clubs are so far behind their European counterparts (if indeed they are so far behind) and whether the Premier League's top six should be split off for the last part of the season in the name of excitement.

We recall the best tackles in football history, or rather some of us do, and we end the show by revealing the players we pretended to be or to beat when playing football as children.

* Coventry

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