1 April 2016

Martin Škrtel

One day, perhaps not too far away from today, football will be a very different game. Whether it's a bubble burst or the unmitigated manifestation of a commercially defined sporting "experience" for the leisure seekers of the year 2090, the game of today will soon be a thing of yesterday. Which is today. Or something.

This week's Football Fives Podcast is a blind episode, meaning that Daniel Storey takes the chair and delivers five questions for David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee to sink their teeth into without even the usual cursory research and preparation. The theme for this episode is "football future" - mercifully, that means there are no wrong answers. Almost.

So, what are our hopes and fears for the future of the game? Which game would we watch over and over in a dystopian post-fixtures world? Will Dan get out alive? Find out within.

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