15 July 2016


So, UEFA EURO 2016, eh? Good or bad, dull or exciting, we can all agree that this was indeed a tournament of football. In order to wrap up the Football Fives Podcast's run of European Championships shows we're leaning on an old favourite: the major tournament review show. We've done World Cup 2014, World Cup 1998 and EURO 2000 but this time we're only going back a week.

With David Hartrick sidelined this week's show is manned by Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee, who pick through the standard five tournament review questions, beginning with an indulgent examination of the performances of England and Northern Ireland. Sorry, other British Isles teams - this one's about partisanship.

The other four questions give us the opportunity to talk about the rest of the tournament. What were our favourite games and goals? What will we remember above all else? And, controversially, did the right team take the tin pot?

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