28 July 2016

Quiztian Benteke

It's Thursday, which can mean many things. One of them is a new episode of the Football Fives Podcast, proud anthem jacket sponsor of Coventry Sphinx FC. Well, they're not really anthem jackets but that's what we're calling them because we're so thoroughly modern. We digress.

This week's episode is our fourth pub quiz, a now-traditional abomination headed up on this occasion by Daniel Storey, who got so carried away that he forgot that FIVES is kind of in our name, and came up with seven rounds. His victims on this occasion are our regular panelists: David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee.

So sit back, relax and tolerate 55 minutes of umms, aahs and swearing as three men expose their lack of football knowledge, laying themselves bare for the listening public. But whose lack of knowledge is smallest?

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