18 August 2016

Des Lynam

All four members of the Football Fives Podcast panel regularly attend actual football matches. The smell of Deep Heat and Bovril on the wind, the creak of the turnstile, having footballs kicked at you deliberately by opposition players - it's what we all live for. But not one of us is above watching football on television.

And, with thanks to listener and friend of the show Mark Booth, that's our focus this week. In our 56th show Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee are building one of our somehow-not-patented fantasy five-a-side teams, only this time we're taking our choices away from the field of play and into the TV and radio studios and gantries of the past and present.

The format is simple: each of us has a choice for a studio anchor and two pundits, a commentator and a co-commentator. We make our case, argue a bit, laugh at Dan's choices and then decide on the media heavyweights to take their place in our final line-up.

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