13 October 2016

Francesco Totti

What football supporter doesn't dream of owning a club? Not a one, that's what one, or something. In this week's Football Fives Podcast, David Hartrick challenges the rest of the panel with his latest blind episode, by which we mean not that our eyes are covered up, but that we don't know the five questions before we hit record.

This week Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney, Chris Nee and Brother Hartrick build a football club. Yes, like The Sound Of Football. Yes, like Twohundredpercent. But we figure once one pack of reprobates have stolen an idea then whosoever steals it from them is doing a favour for the originators. That being the case: you're welcome, SOF.

Anyway, ours is a little different. Dave sets the panel the task of picking a location, a stadium design, a philosophy, a manager and a level of ambition. Unfortunately for Chris, Dave also pre-selected level five as the starting point, so blood-and-thunder semi-pro action is off the table. Curses.

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