6 October 2016

Paul Gascoigne

We've got a few formats we like to throw our "Fives" name behind, and one of them is a five-question review of a football tournament from years gone by. What with three of us being England supporters - and two of us just a year or two too young to remember the ins and outs of World Cup Italia '90 - UEFA EURO '96 is one we've had on the to-do list since the Football Fives Podcast began.

This week, we get stuck in at last. We assess England's performance on home soil and talk at length about the games that lifted the mood that summer, as well as the eeriness of automatic qualification as hosts. But it's not all about England. We also pick our favourite games and goals from the competition and ask whether the right team took home the trophy.

And, of course, we take the nostalgia too far by talking about a few things that have no relevance to EURO '96 whatsoever. So stick around; you might not learn anything about football but you'll certainly learn a thing or two about four idiots who like it.

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