17 November 2016

Sir David Beckham

When you get four men in their thirties together there's not always a lot that unites them. Their politics will differ. Their music taste will differ, as will their taste in films, their taste in books and their taste in...well, food and that. And their football allegiances will differ, if they even like football at all.

So it's kind of nice when there's something they all admire with equal gusto. In the case of the Football Fives Podcast, that something is Mr David Beckham. In this week's show Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee focus on the man they've been itching to talk about since day one.

With the help of a listener question, we discuss five Beckham-based or Beckham-related topics and dribble our way through the best part of an hour of #content. Fair warning: if you're not a Beckham person, this podcast ain't fo' you. If you are...enjoy.

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