3 November 2016

Steve Chettle

The Football Fives Podcast is at full-strength this week and we even had time to prepare for a specific topic, for once. The strikers among us are setting aside our differences with the folk on the other side of the game, talking as we are about defending, the art of ruining the game for those dastardly entertainers. Spoilers: spoilers.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee are in action this week to discuss what makes the perfect modern centre back, and the relative importance of defensive midfielders and full backs to a team's defensive function. To lighten the load, we also name our own teams' greatest ever back four line-up.

In the middle we talk about the merits and otherwise of zonal marking by way of a comparison with its Proper Football Man equivalent, and answer Ashley Connick's listener question about whether defenders are unfairly overlooked when it comes to debates about football's greatest ever proponents.

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