1 December 2016

Gary Neville

Football and the media. Isn't it? Mmm. In this week's Football Fives Podcast we're going back in on the beautiful game's rather less enticing mediascape, inspired by Gary Neville's set-to with members of the fourth estate last week. So, where better to begin than by discussing the point he was making and the point that got poked back at him.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee also take a look at the impact of clickbait culture in football, the future of the match report and whether agents, players and clubs are to blame for increasing contempt for transfer rumours in the media. Well, three of us do. One of us hates the bloody things anyway.

Finally, we look for a positive spin on what can be a distressing topic. The challenge? Pick a line-up of columnists for an imaginary football website that we don't want to turn out rubbish like so many of the real ones.

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