9 December 2016

Packie Bonner

It's five-a-side team week again here at the Football Fives Podcast, and this time we put the subject out to a public vote. An Irish team was the resounding winner, and so this episode of the show is our chance to build our ultimate team from Irelands Northern and Republic. Speaking of public votes, Daniel Storey's on this one and he won an award.

Helping Dan bulk out the show with triple pod meat are David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee, who each picked five Irishmen and argue the toss over the inclusion of each one until the collaborative Irish Fives is complete. We pick a goalkeeper, a defender, a forward and two other guys we're able to crowbar in on spurious rationale.

There's sentiment in abundance, a few surprise shouts and an exceptional final team. We hope you like it. One of us won an award, you know.

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