22 December 2016

Santa Claus

Ho ho ho! It's, like, three days until Christmas. You didn't know, did you? That's because Sunday Christmas is a right old stitch-up. Some of the Football Fives Podcast team haven't even put their Christmas trees up yet, such is the fleeting nature of this year's festivities. But we're trying to do our bit in this week's show, so get the Quality Street out and settle in.

Apologies for last week's absence, by the way. Illness, work, life and other matters interfered with our ability to get a show together. And, this week, we've had to settle for an awardless three-hander, because Daniel Storey isn't with us. So David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee have taken the chance to make five recommendations each, material or otherwise, to brighten up your footballing winter.

Part gift guide, part self-help, this week's show offers up a smorgasbord of good stuff. Stuff to buy, stuff to do, stuff to see. Stuff to wear, read, love and support. And if you've been sent our way because Daniel won that thing, don't worry - we've got a list of gubbins from him too. Happy bloody Christmas, yo.

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