19 January 2017

David Moyes

David Hartrick is injured. I know, right? We miss him. But his loss is greater, for this week's Football Fives Podcast is a groundbreaking affair in which Ryan Keaney's latest "blind episode" - in which the rest of the panel tackle five football questions on a theme unknown to them until recording begins - morphs into a possible format for the future.

That's how it came to pass that Daniel Storey and Chris Nee found themselves in an imagined present, an alternative reality in which one major football event has been removed from the timeline and things are a little bit different. The theme? The Butterfly Effect. Loosely. Kind of. The event that didn't happen? David Moyes being appointed as manager of Manchester United.

So Ryan, Dan and Chris talk about what might have happened to Moyes, Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, Everton and Ryan Giggs had Moyes never made the switch to Old Trafford. See what you missed out on, Hartch? Read 'em and weep.

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