12 January 2017

Jules Rimet

The loss of Graham Taylor has taken the wind out of our sails, and unfortunately this week's Football Fives Podcast was recorded before the news. You can rest assured we'd have been speaking about him if we'd had the opportunity. Nevertheless, here we are with our 75th episode. To mark the occasion we didn't bother to prepare, opting instead for one of our "anything goes" shows.

We begin with a question about Wayne Rooney and his Manchester United future, or lack thereof - should he take action himself? We gaze into our crystal balls (fnarr) and predict when we'll stop watching the World Cup, and we muse over the argument that doing one's badges is enough to earn a manager's job.

And because we're cheery souls, we also take the time to talk about the current status of the FA Cup and the irresistible (or otherwise) lure of a big-money career in that there Chinese football. Would we go? Find out within.

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