5 January 2017

Mark Crossley

When listener Ashley Connick suggested the topic of penalties for this week's Football Fives Podcast, three of us were delighted. The other? Shocked that one of our listeners opened up a subject that wasn't bloody awful. So we went with it, and this week's show is all about the art of the spot kick and its assorted other odds and sods.

Par example, how would they be replaced if FIFA binned them in favour of another football match tie-breaker? Can a penalty ever truly be saved? And, most importantly of all, is the penalty shoot-out in any way a lottery? (Spoiler: of course it's not, stupid.)

And, of course, we talk about our favourite penalty takers as well as our favourite and least favourite ever shoot-outs. Because it wouldn't be Football Fives without us just talking about stuff we remember, would it?

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