9 February 2017

Claudio Ranieri

The Football Fives Podcast is a three-hander this week because of Chris Nee's work commitments, but don't get too excited - his absence is a temporary one. Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Ryan Keaney hold the fort admirably with a topic we've not covered in isolation before. This week's show is all about management in the Premier League.

Of course, this being Football Fives, we indulge ourselves by talking about some managers we just like. Which manager is our favourite in the Premier League to have never managed our clubs? And which active player could make a great manager in the future? More to the point, why would any of the current crop bother their arses?

There's also a chance to focus on a couple of the bosses in the spotlight at the moment. Claudio Ranieri and Arsene Wenger have both achieved the extraordinary at their clubs. They're both under pressure. And they're each the subject of a question in this week's show. So sit back, relax and try to enjoy.

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