16 February 2017

Owen Hargreaves

Injuries are fun, aren't they? Well, not fun as such. But interesting. Sometimes. This week's Football Fives Podcast is all about the treatment room, where you'll find five questions related to bashes, snaps, breaks, slaps and tears. Both kinds. First up: are players being asked to play so often that injury is inevitable?

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee pick over the subject and discuss whether football could and should do more to prevent, diagnose and treat head injuries, and whether fans and the media could show just a little more understanding about the long-term psychological effect a serious injury can have on a player.

There's a chat about doping - and yes, as per usual, we dodge the topic hugely - and we end this week's show by talking about some players whose careers were fundamentally sidetracked by injury problems. All that and more, on this week's twofootedta... Football Fives.

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