3 February 2017

Sean O'Driscoll

Football is a broad church. On the one hand, the world's elite leagues are awash with cash, endlessly exposed to the world and subject to the maximum amount of waft and waffle. Oh, and often sensational football, which is kind of a good thing if you ask us. On the other, grassroots and non-league are a different experience with different ups and different downs.

In the middle - in England at least - we have the Football League. And it's from there that most of our selections for this week's show are sourced. Yes, it's one of our five-a-side selection episodes, and this time we're picking a team of our favourite players whose longest time or most noteworthy achievements occurred outside the top flight.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee are on hand to pick five players each and whittle the 20 down to the best team we can muster. Or, on this occasion, a pretty ramshackle team of people we like. Hey, it's our podcast.

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