24 March 2017

Osvaldo Alonso

When it rains, it pours. After our first ever week off - sorry about that - we had to overcome illness and other assorted issues in order to avoid another. But missing two weeks just isn't our style, so we managed to assemble a three-man crew for this week's episode of the Football Fives Podcast.

It's "Anything Goes" with a twist this week. Ryan Keaney's been on holiday to Cuba, so all five questions in this episode are related to his holiday and his holiday destination. Except they're not. There's chat about drawing a veil over football history, things we never want to hear about again, and stories that were probably funny except I wasn't really listening.

We'll be back to normal next week, hopefully with all four of us at the mic, including voiceless wonder David Hartrick. It's been a trying couple of weeks but we've got some great topics lined up for the rest of the spring. For now, thank you to Gary Andrews for the support.

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