14 April 2017

Alex Ferguson

Easter weekend. The football season is coming to a close and the all-important titles, promotions and relegations are going to be settled in the next few weeks. Some of them have already happened. In this week's Football Fives Podcast we're zooming in on squeaky bum time, the part of the season that separates the will-haves from the ain't-gonnas.

Daniel Storey (#HeHadAWholeYear), David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee are on hand to look back on the season so far for our teams and outline our hopes for the remainder. We pick our favourite games of 2016/17 so far, and the games we're most looking forward to between now and the middle of May.

We ask which manager should be binned by his club as soon as the final whistle brings the campaign to an end, and spend some time asking whether relegations, promotions and end-of-season tie-breakers are in need of reform.

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