6 April 2017

Gabriel Batistuta

There aren't many players who get the one-man episode treatment from the Football Fives Podcast. A little while ago we debuted the format with five questions about David Beckham. The identity of player number two was never in question. So, this week, we've got a full show about the mighty Gabriel Batistuta.

Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee discuss just how jealous we are about Batigol's career path, his international career, and what made him stand out compared to other strikers we've watched before, during and after the Italian portion of his career. And we talk about how a player of Batistuta's style and stature would fit into the modern tactical world.

There's a question about whether he was underrated, with a surprising range of answers given our prejudice going into this week's show, and, of course, we do what Football Fives does: we pick a favourite goal each from the boots of the man himself.

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