19 May 2017

Muzzy Quizzet

Nobody likes to be deceived. When one is promised a blind episode of the Football Fives Podcast, one expects a blind episode of the Football Fives Podcast. So when Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee got themselves psyched up for David Hartrick's unplanned subject this week, the disappointment was palpable when it dematerialised.

Instead, Dave decided to put the rest of us through the unexpected torture of a pub quiz. That's right, listeners who inexplicably enjoy our quizzes, it's another one! And it's a bit of a greatest hits quiz too, with popular question formats from the past brought back to test and tax the unwitting contestants.

Join us as we wade through such classics as higher or lower and career paths, always with a twist. There's a club question free-for-all to kick things off, and little trapdoors here, there and everywhere. Find out who wins, and count your score as you go to see if you can beat his stupid smug face.

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