19 July 2017

Teddy Sheringham

This week's Football Fives Podcast is a 'blind' episode, in which Daniel Storey hits David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee with five questions related in some way to a previously unannounced subject. That subject, as our intrepid trio discovered after recording had begun, is the footballing summer. Because, you know, it's happening right now and that.

Dan's testing teasers take us on a tour of the team's favourite football summers from history, as well as asking us to reveal how we cram football into the close season, which bits of transfer business we really rather fancy, and plenty more besides.

So, while the football universe prepares to shift back up the gears, we're taking a step back to assess the past and present of the year's weakest season. God damn you, summer. Give us our football back.

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