25 August 2017

Antonio Cassano

Old men. Many of us are prone to looking backwards, pining for the better days of some mythical bygone era. We do it in football as much as in any other part of life, and one of the most familiar complaints is that the game doesn't have any characters. Football needs more characters. But is that actually true?

In this episode of the Football Fives Podcast, three of the usual panel tackle that question and the wider subject of character and characters in football. We're without Daniel Storey this week, so David Hartrick is joined by Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee to talk about the kind of characters we want at our clubs and the importance or otherwise of passion in a professional player.

We ask whether the game's elite players are starting, finally, to get to grips with social media, and we each highlight one of our favourite footballing characters and recall a noteworthy story from their pasts.

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