28 September 2017

Albert Adomah

When it comes to modern football it sometimes seems as if there's a bottomless supply of things to moan about. But there's also plenty to love, and love it we do; if that weren't the case we wouldn't get together every week (shut up) to talk about it. So, this week, we're singing the praises of football thingybobs.

The latest episode of the Football Fives Podcast is down a man because Daniel Storey's body is teaching him a lesson about going on holiday, so David Hartrick hosts as Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee join him in nominating five things each that we love about the game.

There are players, clubs, habits, phenomena, formats and concepts mined from that subject, and the resulting conversation is a little more positive than your av-er-age foot-a-ball podcast. Because let's face it, football's a bit special.

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