12 October 2017

Chris Sutton

The scoring of a goal holds a mystical quality to football supporters and players alike. Strikers hold much of this magic in their boots, and the very best of them can command the affection and adulation of the rest of us by delivering the greatest moment our sport has to offer. For all the other little joys in the game, nothing is better than a goal.

The Football Fives Podcast this week is all about strikers. David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee negotiate five questions on the subject in an attempt to produce a podcast capable of snagging a listener or two in a world of Proper Podcasts. They're a thing now, apparently. I know!

In this episode we talk about the false nine, old-timey strike partnerships and Harry Kane, as well as stretching the remit of our topic and discussing players who refuse to play. Finally, we pick our favourite FIFA World Cup mascots. Hint: it's not Striker. (Why would it be?)

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