5 October 2017

Stavros Garkos

The issue of Catalonia's apparent desire for independence from Spain has far bigger implications than football, but the question of FC Barcelona's future has come up this week with particular attention paid to its potential to reignite the move towards a European Super League. All of this happened after we recorded this episode of the Football Fives Podcast, but let's pretend we're being topical.

This week David Hartrick is in the host's chair and opted for one of our blind episodes, in which the other three panelists have no prior knowledge of either the subject or the questions that will be asked. The topic commanding the traditional Football Fives scribbling of the pens this time around? The feasibility and logistics of a European Super League.

Through the course of five questions it becomes clear to us that one truth is guaranteed when it comes to this particular hot potato: if they want to do it - whoever they might be - it's going to be a very difficult and bloody complicated thing to achieve.

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