22 November 2017

Chris Coleman

Well, it's all been kicking off since the end of the international break, hasn't it? What better way to mark the return of top flight games than to ignore its existence for a significant portion of a podcast that's supposed to cover the game as diversely as possible? This week's Football Fives Podcast is a three-hander, it's an 'anything goes' episode, and here it is.

With Daniel Storey unable to join us, the intrepid trio of David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee voyage through the choppy waters of the football matters of the day. We ask whether Manchester City should expect to win more than just the Premier League, and discuss the end of Chris Coleman's own international break. Is Sunderland a backwards step?

There's a chat about whether club managers are right to complain when their players come back injured from international friendlies, a batch of rash and ill-informed predictions ahead of next summer's FIFA World Cup, and a very lovely nod to some very lovely goals, all scored by the one and only John Barnes.

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