2 November 2017

Neil Webb

Thursday (or Friday, or whatever) means it's time for a new episode of the Football Fives Podcast, and this week it's a whole new format for the show as well. We've got five questions - that's one corner into which we've painted ourselves irretrievably - but the subject at hand is the first in what we hope will be a series of season reviews.

Being kids of the 1990s, working our way through that decade year by year was the only way we could approach it, so this week's show focuses on the 1990/91 season. Within, we ask five questions about the season and the big stories and moments within, and establish just how much at least three of us don't remember.

Chris Nee's in the host's chair and navigates Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Ryan Keaney through a discussion about the headlines from 1990/91, the best goals, the retrospective surprises and the forgotten players that deserve a mention in 2017. And, of course, we assess the performance of our own teams. Go!

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