1 December 2017

Fans Beckenbauer

When it comes to pulling off a podcast - stop sniggering at the back - with very little preparation, the Football Fives Podcast panel has a small selection of go-to formats. This week's episode stems from one of those very roots, the blind episode. Within, the week's topics and quintet of questions are kept hidden from three of our number and sprung upon them unceremoniously in the moment.

On this occasion it's Chris Nee in the host's chair. The subject at hand? Being a football supporter. We have a few things in common and that's one of them. Facing this week's Football Fives grilling are Daniel Storey, David Hartrick and Ryan Keaney, who are challenged on their feelings about fandom.

The unprepared gentlemen of the podcast discuss football culture's relationships with gambling and alcohol, the whys and wherefores of wearing football shirts in public, the intersection between video games and supporter culture, and whether or not there's a significant difference between  fans and supporters.

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