14 December 2017

Santa Claus

We're phoning it in for Christmas even though it's not, you know, Christmas. Our original plan for this week will now be played out next time around, but we've taken advantage of David Hartrick's work-related absence to throw the show open to you, our loyal and imaginary listeners. Yes, it's a listener questions lucky dip!

Having whittled our question submissions down to a lovely round number of, erm, we've forgotten, Daniel Storey chucked them into a hat that didn't exist and we pull out the customary five to discuss in this, our podcast about football. Football Fives, you see. This week Dan, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee flounder in Dave's shadow.

We talk about footballing shithouses, statues that don't exist but should, our clubs' Christmas lists, football on Boxing Day and football on Boxing Day again. It's eclectic, or at least that's what the marketing bumph says. Good luck.

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