18 February 2018

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

We're not late. You're late. Or you're early. Or we're early. Or something. Either way, this is last week's podcast this week. Later this week you'll get this week's podcast this week. Clear? Good. This is what trying new things and then contracting the lurgy will do for your podcast, folks. Think on. Anyway, Episode 120 is an 'anything goes' show, so let's go.

We're sans Keaney this week so it's David Hartrick, Daniel Storey and Chris Nee who begin by discussing the Premier League's new proposal for a staggered winter break. Is it needed? Is it a good compromise? Or are we all just so distracted by football that we can't go two weeks without something tasty to watch?

There's also a chat about Wolverhampton Wanderers and their recruitment strategy, some aimless speculation about big transfers of the future, a debate about the longevity of Jose Mourinho's prospects at Manchester United and a not-for-nothing run-down of our favourite ever Dutch international goals.

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