2 March 2018

Jimmy Armfield

If your jam is listening to four amateur audio talkers judging countless professional audio talkers, this is the Football Fives Podcast for you. We're stepping away from the field of play this week and dipping into another aspect of football culture. Our topic for this episode, upon which we tackle the customary five questions, is the peerless BBC Radio 5 Live.

Daniel Storey takes the Mark Chapman role and guides David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney, Ryan Keaney's tea and Chris Nee through those questions, which begin with a discussion about the legendary phone-in show, 606, and end with a few ideas for the shows we should be commissioned to make for the station.

In between, we touch on the joys of radio football commentary, ask whether there should be more - yes, more - football on 5 Live, and identify the queen or king of the station's football output. There's some nattering about talkSPORT as well, but don't hold that agin us.

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