7 November 2018

James Norwood

Alright? Been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. We've had a quiet few months and have never really explained it to our bafflingly loyal subscribers, and that's because there's really not much to explain. We're still going. We've been rubbish at getting the podcast together. We're going nowhere in every sense of the phrase.

Yes, the Football Fives Podcast is still alive. This week we're without Daniel Storey, who's living the life in Italia now he's the hottest property in the freelance football writing world. So it's down to David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee to tackle this week's subject which is, obviously, what we've missed so far this season.

We discuss the teams and players that have caught our eye, rattle through an update on how each of our teams is performing so far, and ask whether the dawn of Eleven Sports (and related matters) has affected the way we consume football.

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