About The Show

Welcome to the home of Football Fives, a weekly football podcast by David Hartrick, Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee. We tackle five talking points each week, ranging from the Premier League to non-league, from Argentina to Australia and from serious to senseless.

The podcast began in July 2015. You can contact us by emailing show[at]footballfivespodcast.com

The opinions expressed within the show and on this website are those of the individual contributor alone and certainly don't represent those of the rest of the team, or of our wonderful and enormously respectable employers. (We love you guys.)

So, who hell we?

David Hartrick

David finds brief introductions difficult to write. He has a list of things worth mentioning to work through - IBWM editor, author, publisher, Brighton & Hove Albion fan and YouTube explorer, swears on Twitter @DavidHartrick, Batman believer/Dan Storey denier - but can never find an interesting way to put it all together. The few times he's done it he's also struggled to find a closing sentence.

Daniel Storey

Daniel is deputy editor of Football 365 as well as a freelance writer in various other places, splitting his time between Nottingham and Leeds. He is a Nottingham Forest supporter, and obliged to add the phrase 'long-suffering' before that particular club name. He can be followed @danielstorey85, if boring statistics and questionable puns are your thing. Yeah, us neither.

Ryan Keaney

Ryan is a product manager for the world's leading sports data company who hates writing about himself in the third person. Having grown up in Northern Ireland, he is a glory-hunting Manchester United fan thrilled to see the club moving away from a history of success built upon nurturing home-grown talent (what is talent?). Ryan is the laziest IBWM editor and can be followed on Twitter @RyanKeaney

Chris Nee

Chris is also an editor at IBWM as well as the host of the Aston Villa Review podcast. He has a season ticket at Coventry Sphinx despite being an exiled Tooting & Mitcham United supporter, and reviews five new music releases every week at #FiveAlbums. He works for a global social media agency, lives near Coventry and can be followed @ChrisMNee for sarcasm and swears.