Episode 119

Georgi Kinkladze

It's not always endearing to rattle through a podcast without any preparation but sometimes it can keep old hands like us on our toes. Every now and then, the Football Fives Podcast likes to tackle a 'blind' episode, by which we mean an episode in which only one or none of us knows what's on the agenda.

This week, we're taking on an unnamed football club and answering five questions thereupon. David Hartrick is the man in charge of the hat, and, in Daniel Storey's deadline day absence, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee follow up our previous selection of Tottenham Hotspur by randomly selecting a club to discuss. Naturally, we want to avoid the headlines and get under the skin of something original.

That'll be Manchester City, then. Still, the hat never lies so we muddle through with what knowledge we can scrape together about our favourite City players past and present, our own relationship to and opinion of the club, their progress this season - LOLZ - and where we see them going in the next three years.

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