Episode 123

Julian Dicks

We find a certain joy in recording some of our podcasts without a plan. It means you get our unfiltered opinions, you get us at our fastest thinking and let's be honest - we are at our best *looks to camera*. It has nothing to do with 2018 being manic so far, and all of us needing to keep things relatively easy preparation wise.

This week is another blind episode and another chance for us to delve into David Hartrick's bag of football teams. We pick out another side to get the Football Fives Podcast run down and having previously pulled Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur out, we figured that law of averages would see us head down the road less travelled for our third attempt.

And so, of course we ended up with West Ham United - who have definitely shied away from the headlines in the last few days and months. Lovely. Join Dave, Daniel Storey and Ryan Keaney as we talk about the current state of the club, our favourite current and past players, what personal connection we all feel for the Hammers and how we see the next three years going for them.

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