Episode 118

Phil Neville

After last week's frivolity, the Football Fives is back to the serious stuff in this latest episode. There's a lot going on off the pitch at the moment, so we take the opportunity to sink our teeth into the topics that are dominating the football agenda, only without ever really talking about them. Same Football Fives, different day.

David Hartrick hosts as Daniel Storey, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee navigate the choppy waters of soccerdom. We ask whether young players' pre-professional transgressions on social media should be bannable by the Football Association, and also discuss - again - whether the FA itself is to be considered unfit for purpose.

There's a chat about the poisonous effect of Twitter replies on football supporter culture, as well as a run-down of our favourite transfer swap deals and a brief look ahead to the FA Cup Fourth Round clashes that we're expecting to catch our eye.

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