Episode 128

Roberto Baggio

Every now and then we like to get up close and personal with just one player, subjecting him to our inflexible five-question format and putting him in the spotlight. This is one of those shows - this week's Football Fives Podcast is a career retrospective and the man in question is the inimitable Roberto Baggio.

Baggio is a larger than life figure for British followers of Italian football in the 1990s but he came through in the mid-1980s and embarked upon a career that would create history. Daniel Storey, David Hartrick, Ryan Keaney and Chris Nee begin this week's episode by asking whether that's a career of which we're jealous.

We debate the characteristics that made Baggio so loved, relive his best goals, try in vain to establish whether he'd be a superstar in modern football. Our closing question this week is an indulgent one for those British Serie A fans: would Football Italia have been as successful as it was without that Divine Ponytail to look at?

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